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Last Friday night I stepped into the cage in Burbank and envisioned a first-round KO and that's exactly what happened just 18 seconds later.

But before I tell you how that happened you need to know how it almost didn't.

Less than 24 hours before weigh-ins, and 48 hours before my bout, my original opponent, DeMarcus Brown, was not able to fight. What happened to him is not my business to tell, but it was a legitimate reason and there are no hard feelings. But, I wasn't aware that he was unable to fight until much later in the evening, after the staff at LFA came together to find me a short-notice opponent. I am grateful that they did because I needed to fight.

I was disappointed I wasn't going to fight DeMarcus Brown, but I was happy that because of the last-minute nature of the fight I would not have to cut weight -- instead of fighting at 145 pounds we'd meet at 155 pounds. I could not have been happier about how it played out.

I have always said that I could fight anyone, and I was going to prove that. I didn't need to see tape on this new guy, I didn't need weeks of training for a particular opponent, I had seen the first-round KO for weeks and it didn't matter who was standing in front of me.

I knew, whoever I fought, I'd stay light on feet, stay sharp and calculate the distance. I love to box and kickbox so if my opponent wants to strike, that's probably not the best idea for him.

My coaches told me not to rush, to relax. We all felt like my opponent would rush me, since he knows I'm in good shape and he's coming in without a fight camp. I saw my moment to explode and that's exactly what I did.

As for what's next — give me whoever. I'll take DeMarcus, since we didn't get to fight. Hell I'd even take Jose Aldo if that's who they put in front of me. I just want to fight.

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