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Jose "Shorty" Torres

When I was a kid coming up, the Power Rangers were huge and Tommy was my favorite character.

White has always been one of my favorite colors because I always identified with the good guys, and Tommy and the Power Rangers were a big reason I started learning karate when I was four years old. All I wanted to do was play fight with my family ...

Fast forward a number of years and I saw that Jason David Frank, who played Tommy on the show, created a Facebook fan page. I knew I wanted to reach out and thank him for his inspiration.

Once I saw that Jason was really active on his Facebook page, I decided to make a bunch of posts, hoping he would reply. I told him “hey man, you’re one of the reasons I started martial arts, thanks for inspiring me to become the person I am today,” and he responded, almost immediately.

From there, Jason sponsored me with his clothing line, Jesus Didn't Tap, and when I needed help getting to tournaments, he sent me money to fund my travel around the world.

Jason proved to to me that he wasn’t just a hero on TV, but he was a hero in real life. And, if it wasn’t for him, I would have been able to accomplish some of the things I was able to do as an amateur, which, then allowed me to accomplish the stuff I’m doing now as a professional.

Now I just hope we can train together someday soon.


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