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Heavyweight boxing is experiencing an undeniable resurgence recently. British boxing in particular is a side of the division that is especially thriving, following two momentous bouts in the space of two months.

On March 4, WBC cruiserweight champion, took his first foray into the division. He knocked out former champion, in a dramatic night for the sport. April 29 then saw an instant classic before a sold-out Wembley Arena as rising star conquered a legend, knocking out in the eleventh round.

These moments will go down in history but where do they leave the heavyweight division?

What is next for the division and all of its key players? Prior to Anthony Joshua's defining moment at Wembley, he had shared barbs on Twitter with controversial former champion . Klitschko and Joshua were vying for the belts Fury vacated due to mental health issues and drug abuse. He was always going to be the ghost at the feast for this bout. AJ called out the former champion immediately after triumphing over Klitschko, and Fury has gladly accepted.

was ringside for the big fight and has expressed willingness to face Joshua. However, he has since noted that he wants to take on first. Parker is the WBO heavyweight champion of the world.

Parker versus Wilder could be the most logical match before Joshua faces either of them. Tyson Fury was clearly inspired and driven to get into shape by the build-up of the big fight. Days before the clash he returned to training, posting on social media that he has officially left retirement.

He has a long way to go before he is in fight shape but could he do that while Parker versus Wilder takes its course? Or, if that fight and its build-up takes place first, the winner would be the natural next opponent for the victor of Fury/Joshua.

The brother of the self proclaimed 'Gypsy King' was actually booked to face Parker this month. However, the WBO heavyweight title fight was scrapped when Hughie Fury sustained a back injury. He will instead face Razvan Conjanu on May 6.

So where does Tony Bellew fit in all of this? After beating a former champion in David Haye, he now wants a heavyweight belt. He has been in talks with the previously mentioned title holders and has exchanged words with Parker in the press. Bellew even had a war of words with Wilder in person, the day before the big bout. In the post-fight coverage they even shook hands on the idea of a future bout, potentially at Goodison Park.

However, Bellew does not seem to be at the top of Deontay Wilder's list. Could Tony Bellew face Joseph Parker after Wilder? Whether or not Bellew would want that fight may depend on if Parker beats Wilder. 'The Bomber' has acknowledged the idea of a rematch with David Haye. Although he feels like he is done with the feud as I think he should be, he recognises a desire from the public to see it again. It could happen while the other four key players settle things.

With that said, imagine the drama of the rematch after Bellew has won a heavyweight title. One thing is for sure, there are exciting things in store for boxing fans.


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