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Linton Vassell

I love pro wrestling. I’ve watched it from when I was as young as I can remember.

When I was younger, I was always wrestling with my friends, family, and even my mum, just messing around, and one day some friends and I were play fighting in the garden. I actually ended up picking my friend up and throwing him to the floor with my signature move, I call it the “Rock Bottom,” and immediately he invited me to go to the gym.

Once I finally went to the gym, I was tapping out their pros and pretty much handling the business. Maybe two months later I ended up having my first semi-pro fight against Ian Tobel in Doncaster.

I still watch these days, and recently some people suggested I bring my pet snakes with me to fight week. They told me to put my snakes in a bag like Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

When I was still living in England, I used to look after my friend’s snake, but I was never able to get one because my mom doesn’t like snakes. Once I moved to Florida, I went to a pet store where they had hundreds of snakes and picked one out. And I didn’t bother to ask my roommates first.

One of my training partners, Dale, actually breeds snakes -- he has thousands -- and he invited me to come down and pick out snake. I was actually gonna buy one off him, but he ended up giving me a snake that wasn’t breeding too well. She’s healthy other than that, and I’m not looking to breed snakes anyway.

Snakes are just cool pets, and I don’t know why people are scared of them. Maybe I will look into bringing my snakes to weigh ins.


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