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The relief on the face of Holly Holm was there for all to see after she ended a three-fight losing streak earlier this morning at .

Holm knocked out Bethe Correia in the main event of UFC Fight Night 111 after landing a picture-perfect question mark kick after a terrible, slow-paced start to the fight.

Speaking to after the fight, Holm dedicated her victory to all her coaches at Jackson Winkeljohn.

“Oh my gosh, it just feels so good, I really wanted this for my coaches,” Holm said. “They stuck with me when everyone else was, ‘Oh you got three losses in a row, what are you going to do now?’ My coaches were like, ‘No Holly, it’s victory that’s on our mind,’ so this fight is for them. Imagine how many hours they’ve put into me over the last year and a half—I really wanted this win for my coaches.”

The fight lacked action in the first ten minutes with only nine strikes thrown in the first round. Both women started off cautious, but Holm said afterwards she was expecting Correia to start off slow.

“In my last two fights, I got countered a little bit, so maybe she was thinking I’m going to [try] counter her,” Holm said. “I don’t know, there’s always an offensive and defensive in this game—it’s a chess match and you have to watch offensive and defensive at all times. If she was going to come forward aggressive I was going to be ready and if she was going to stay back and try and counter I was ready. We knew that was going to happen and that she’d get frustrated sitting back.”

While the action was tedious for the most part, the finish was anything but. The knockout blow was vintage Holm and she said that she knew was going to land before she threw it.

“I threw a head kick, but she blocked it, but she felt it there and she kinda acknowledged it,” Holm said. “I thought, I know you know it’s coming, but I’m still going to throw it and it’s going to land.”

What is next for Holm? It would appear that she wants back into the title mix and that she’s not fussy whether it’s at 135 or 145-pounds.


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