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Jim Edwards

It was another great night of Absolute Championship Berkut action as 60 took place at the Hallmann Dome in Vienna, Austria.

The card was stacked full of local talent and hometown man Arbi Aguev didn’t let the crowd down with a stunning performance in the main event. Aguev’s ten second knockout of Englishman, Andy Devent, was impressive, but the name everyone left the arena talking about last night last night was the 20-year-old, Ismail Naurdiev.

The Austrian prospect took his record to 15-1 last evening with an impressive first round knockout victory over Australian, Benny Alloway. Despite giving up age and experience to the former UFC fighter, Naurdiev didn’t take a step back and from the outset, he quickly set about his work firing in a wide variety of flashy looking strikes.

The finish came after a brief pause for an inadvertent low blow at the two-minute mark. With Alloway signalling he was ok to continue, Naurdiev rushed in and narrowly missed with a flurry of strikes including a flying knee and several overhand rights.

Just when it looked like Naurdiev might be expending too much energy, too early—one of his bombs landed. The Austrian landed a huge kick to the midsection and Alloway immediately grabbed his abdomen in pain and backed up towards the cage. Naurdiev rushed in a with a follow-up kick to the head as the Australian hunched over, but luckily his shin barely grazed the top of his head as the referee called the bout over.

At just 20-years-old and with fifteen wins already under his belt, Naurdiev is a name you need to be watching out for in ACB.


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