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Kel Dansby

The Hardys capturing the ROH tag team titles from the Young Bucks in their debut was surprising, but fans were still unsure what to make of Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) outside of TNA. Their questions were answered at the ROH 15th anniversary show in Las Vegas, NV.

The Hardys showed that beyond their wild antics and odd character traits, they are still great in-ring performers. Accompanied by the Young Bucks and RPG Vice, who did amazingly well in the match, the Hardys were able to make good on their first ROH tag title defense.

The match itself was everything you'd expect from a "Las Vegas Street Gight." There were trash cans, ladders, thumbtacks and a half broken table involved in the mayhem. RPG Vice took the brunt of the painful spots. Trent Barreta was an integral part of the match, putting over the best spots of the night. He took a few solid trash can shots to the head, was the recipient of a Meltzer driver on a mat covered in thumb tacks, was super kicked after having his mouth filled with thumbtacks, and ended the match by absorbing a Jeff Hardy Swanton Dive from the ladder.

Both the Young Bucks and Hardys had their usual spots during the match and any time the two teams engaged in combat the crowd popped. It only further proved the importance of the Young Bucks to the indie wrestling scene and how over the Hardys are with their new "Broken" gimmick.

The feud most likely ends at April's Supercard of Honor XI, but for now, fans are treated to one of the best tag team rivalries in recent history.


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