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Matt Juul

Ever since rumors started to circulate about a possible appearance on Game of Thrones, fans have been waiting to see if UFC lightweight champion would join in the green pastures of Hollywood.

According to an interview by the Sun with filmmaker Guy Ritchie, the black belt and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword director nearly booked the mixed martial arts superstar for a role in his new Medieval masterpiece, however, the champ was forced to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts with training. Luckily, British soccer star David Beckham was able to add his international sports star power to the flick.

While he didn't make it into the movie, Ritchie did model some of actor Charlie Hunnam's movements after the Irish fighter.

Preparing for the action scenes [in King Arthur], we watched a lot of McGregor fight footage because his style was what we were after. That very intense, singular, lightning fast, juggernaut trademark technique was perfect and we modeled Arthur’s physicality on that.

Ritchie thinks the champ has the "swagger" and "appealing cockiness" to be an action star on the silver screen in the vein of another former athlete turned actor, Jason Statham.

“Like Jason Statham, he’s an athlete, completely on his game all the time, look where he’s at now," Ritchie told the Sun. "And you can see that similarity in Conor, he could clean up in Hollywood.”


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