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Jason Nawara

We've seen Knight Fights, we've seen 2 on 2 MMA matches. Hell, we've seen obstacle course MMA. But this is by far the most extreme hybrid version of MMA ever — Gunfights.

Nestled away in a corner of Las Vegas, Gunfights pits two combatants against each other with semi-automatic weapons in a video game-esque mini-arena. The guns are real, but the ammunition is tiny paint bullets. Not totally paintballs, and not really bullets, these suckers sting. And when they run out of ammo, it's full-on MMA rules. Check out the takedowns in the video below:

It seems appropriate that the matches are started off with a giant machine gun instead of a bell.

Now, obviously, we need 2v2 knight gun fights in an obstacle course. That's the only direction this can go. Escalation to the highest degree.

(Via FOX LA)


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