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Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson are duking it out for the welterweight title at this month, and both fighters agree that no matter the outcome, former welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre should get the next shot.

St-Pierre has been teasing his return to the Octagon for months, and even came close to booking a fight, but after various contract disputes his return was postponed indefinitely.

Tyron Woodley explains why GSP should be next.

"From and entertainment standpoint -- and I guess you could say sport (standpoint) as well because he left as the champion and he was the greatest welterweight of all time," said Woodley during a UFC 205 media call (h/t FloCombat). "If he comes back, I think as a gesture of respect I think he should… I don't think he should fight one or two fights, I think he should come right in and fight for the title."

And Woodley's opponent Stephen Thompson, the contender, agreed.

"I'm right there with you, man, he is definitely one of the best guys who ever stepped out into the Octagon at welterweight and one of the best welterweights who stepped out there," said Thompson during the same call. "I was training up with him, helping him out with his fights and that's why I actually started mixed martial arts, was because of Georges. So yeah man, give him that title shot."

St-Pierre has supposedly smoothed things over with the , at least according to Dana White, so perhaps GSP regaining his rightful title isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Current welterweight champion, Woodley, faces Thompson at which is set to be the biggest UFC card in the promotion's history.


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