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Amy Kaplan

Georges St-Pierre may not be fighting at UFC 206 like he wanted, but he's definitely not slacking off in the training department.

Or is he?

The former UFC welterweight champion shared a video via his official Instagram account on Friday complaining about the "hardest" training.

In the video the technically still inactive fighter is seen grimacing as he lifts a heavy bar loaded down with weights. It's impressive. He's able to use one hand to work the reps, then somehow turns his efforts into the metaphysical.

He was of course kidding as someone (or two someones) were standing off camera lifting the weights for him as he then pulls his phone out to check the most recent stories on, (probably not, but here's hoping).

St-Pierre was hoping to make the return to the Octagon at , but due to a contract dispute the fight fell through. UFC President Dana White said the issues have been resolved, but it's too late for him to fight on the December 10 card.

was hasn't fought since November 2013.


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