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Jason Nawara

UFC 206 goes down December 10th, and with less than a month to prepare for an opponent, it looks like Georges St-Pierre has been angling for a return to the Octagon in Toronto despite Dana White saying there was no way it was going to happen. Now, it's for sure not going to happen.

In a brief interview with Forbes, one of St-Pierre's attorneys, Eric Hochstadt, laid the bad news out in simple terms:

“It’s fair to say that negotiations for UFC 206 have failed, and Georges is OK with that. He certainly tried with the UFC’s new management.”

That doesn't mean isn't ready to fight:

“Look — Georges is ready to go if we can get this done. Hopefully, for the sport, for Georges, for fans, that can happen. At this rate (of negotiations), probably next year.”

GSP has said he's training hard, and he even put in time with a "test camp" to see if he's still got the fire in his belly that would carry him through such a grueling process.

But, keep in mind GSP announced that he was a free agent and the UFC was in breach of contract due to inactivity, so what's next? His lawyer made it absolutely clear:

“He doesn’t need the UFC. If the new owners, William Morris-IMG, don’t want him back and they try to block him from fighting elsewhere, he can then take the legal battle or decide to walk away and do other things.”

It seems that with out until mid-2017, the UFC needs star power. Will they tap the one-time PPV king?


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