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After endless negotiations, a war of words on both sides and now added complications with the Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association, it seems like Georges St-Pierre is drifting further and further from coming back to the UFC. However, his coach remains very optimistic.

It certainly seems all or nothing. St-Pierre is still such a giant superstar, picturing him fighting in any other MMA organization besides the biggest just doesn't seem likely. For his part, coach Firas Zahabi believes GSP will come back to the UFC despite all the politics, and knows exactly who he should fight upon his return

"I think it's a matter of time. I'm hopeful at least," Zahabi said on ESPN's 5ive Round podcast. "I would love the Bisping fight to be honest with you."

"I feel the welterweight division doesn't have a supremely confident champion yet. Tyron Woodley is a great champion, but he's on his first defense. We need someone to build a history like Georges did, to have a super fight," Zahabi said. "With Bisping, it would be for the middleweight title. That would make it epic. Georges [St-Pierre] needs to come back for a mega fight, super fight. Something five rounds, something historical. Not just another contender."

It's hard to argue with Zahabi. Nothing against , but he is a freshly-minted champion who had a close war with a top contender. Michael Bisping is a champion in a higher division and an established legend in the sport.

Aside from the upset at the hands of Matt Serra, St-Pierre went on a 12-fight win streak and never relinquished the UFC welterweight title again before he stepped away. A fight for a belt in a new weight class would be a mega, super fight, especially after all of those years a fight with never came to fruition.

"I still think Georges [St-Pierre] is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world," Zahabi said. "He trains regularly so I still see him in action and the guy is a monster. I hope Georges and the UFC, his management team at CAA, they book him again. He's such an incredible talent sitting by the wayside. It's crazy to me."

Many people — not just his coach — believe GSP is still one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world simply for his incredible legacy. Winning the UFC middleweight title from Bisping would definitely leave no doubt.

Please UFC, let's make this happen.

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