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Amy Kaplan

Former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is supposed to face middleweight champion for his first bout at 185, and if this new training video is any indication, he's ready.

St-Pierre is seen (looking much larger than normal) hitting a heavy bag, likely in preparation for his next shot in the cage, a title bout at a higher weight class.

The bout was announced earlier this year, yet it seems as though they aren't in any hurry to set a date now.

GSP hasn't fought in the UFC since 2013 when he took a break from the Octagon. He hasn't lost a fight since 2007 when he faced at UFC 69 - Shootout.

Bisping is on a five-fight win streak, including a title defense and wins over , Anderson Silva, and Dan Henderson.

Rumors indicated that GSP might face Bisping during the UFC's International Fight Week in July, but so far, the promotion has yet to make anything official.


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