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We are still dealing with the fallout from the announcement of the Mixed Martial Artist Athletes Association (MMAAA) and expect new waves to keep pouring in.

They are still very early in their genesis and a lot needs to be established, but all the buzz and talk seems to indicate that something huge is bubbling underneath the surface. Brendan Schaub appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Fight Companion on Saturday and gave out some info and today, just now Georges St-Pierre requested direct messages from everyone interested.

"That Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Associations — which I'm a part of — they have over 200 fighters right now on board with it," Shaub said.

The crux of the issue and where some fighters have been publicly skeptical, has been . Schaub addressed his own opinion on the issue on the broadcast and said he had a little convincing from .

"You know how Victor Conte was on on the dark side and then he came out,'I know how this shit works, now I'm going to tell what they're trying to do'? That's what Bjorn [Rebney] is doing," Schaub said. "I was suspect when I saw Bjorn, then when I talked to Tim Kennedy and that motherf-cker talked me into running through a wall."

Despite cautiousness with Rebney in their camp, it looks like and Kennedy, as well as the other board members (, , ), have been building an incredible group.

Rebney will be on the MMA Hour today, so expect even more information to break.

Watch Schaub talk about the MMAAA below.


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