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Matt Juul

While is busy in the world of reality television, his on-again-off-again nemesis, Jason David Frank, is still campaigning for a bout against the former star.

During an appearance at a recent convention, the former green Power Ranger was asked how he'd beat CM Punk if they ever got to throw down inside an MMA ring. Although Frank has been, well, frank about his thoughts on CM Punk's fighting skills, he made a bold statement about how he'd stop the wrestler-turned-cage fighter in the first round.

This is just the fight world, and if people are like 'leave it alone' you can tell McGregor and Mayweather to leave each other alone then too. Go talk to them so. Haven't really thought about it, but right kick upside the head knockout within 28 seconds.

The ex-Power Rangers star also joked that Rita Repulsa won't be there to help CM Punk if this fight ever actually materializes.

"He won't spark because I'm a Power Ranger and I make things spark. He won't grow into a big monster," Frank said. "Nobody will be 'make my CM Punk grow!' so that's not going to happen. I won't have the Dragon Dagger, it will just be old fashioned times. I can't promise it will go longer than 30 seconds."


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