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Amy Kaplan

When Gleidson "Poney" Cutis put his opponent into a grapevine leglock position at LFA 6 this weekend, no one thought he'd get a tap — but that's exactly what happened.

This "submission" is something more commonly used in wrestling and jiu-jitsu to control your opponent from mount, not to force a tap. At first glance, you might think his opponent was weak to tap at something so simple, but if you take a closer look at the video below you see his left knee pop out of place for a split second.

Have you ever seen a finish like this?

The Internet has gone crazy over what they think is Dimitre Ivy tapping to something weak, when in reality, he might have seriously hurt his knee. Regardless of the reason for the tap, the official results have him losing by grapevine leg lock submission in the first round.

Ironically, Ivy's twin brother, Anthony Ivy, fought just moments before his brother when he opened the televised portion of LFA 6 and won his bout via a rear-naked-choke.


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