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Just days before entering the Octagon in Madison Square Garden for the first time at , former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman made his acting debut on Monday night's episode of Kevin Can Wait.

The ex-titleholder got a chance to show off his comedy chops while working with star and fellow veteran comic . Overall, Weidman did a solid job for his first time out as an actor and impressively held his own on the CBS sitcom.

In the episode, Weidman plays a buff, young cop who becomes Sandler's partner after James' character Kevin retires from the police force. Kevin is pretty jealous of his old pal's new work buddy and proceeds to embarrass himself by trying to prove he's better than the rookie officer in a variety of awkward situations.

While Weidman gets a fair amount of screentime, his role is mostly relegated to being the handsome and jacked "Mr. Perfect" foil to James' schlubby, dad-bod retiree. The former champ didn't get too many punchlines because of this dynamic, however, he did create a few memorable moments thanks to some physical humor.

Proving that Stipe Miocic isn't the only UFC fighter who's good with a baseball bat, Weidman hit a few line drives during a scene set in a batting cage, once again outshining Kevin as he attempts to impress Sandler's character.

Weidman's funniest moment came at the end of the episode when he belts out an opera tune following a glass-shattering duet by James and Sandler. Sure, it's not his real voice and the scene is pretty cheesy, but it's hard not to laugh at the sight of the MMA star getting his groove on and making waitresses swoon during an opera karaoke session.

The part may have been limited in scope, but it was sort of perfect for Weidman considering he was able to play a police officer from his beloved Long Island. Between the accent and the imposing demeanor, he's definitely got the New York cop vibe down.

Although Weidman's performance was fine as a guest role on a CBS comedy show, it likely won't be his most memorable gig should he pursue other acting opportunities in the future. Frankly, Kevin Can Wait is like if every sitcom troupe from the past four decades was put in a blender and thrown against the old set pieces of King of Queens. It's a bland series that offers few, generic laughs, but still, it probably was no walk in the park for a comedy newcomer like Weidman.

Hopefully the ex-champ's next foray into Hollywood will have a little less cheese (but hey, we've all got to start somewhere, right?).


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