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On Monday, October 17th, 2016, Bill Goldberg came out on Monday Night Raw and confirmed all the internet rumors that had been circulating for months. Goldberg has one more spear, one more jackhammer, and, more importantly, one more match left in him. And he said that Brock Lesnar's ass is not only next, but last.

Some of us remember their WrestleMania 20 match as one of the most disappointing matches in WrestleMania history. What changes now? Brock isn't bitter and leaving his contract, Goldberg has something to prove, and maybe they both want a do-over on their first match. After Goldberg returned and announced he would in fact fight Brock at Survivor Series it got me wondering who else would make for an exciting return and — just as importanty — who would they face?

Trish Stratus Vs. Charlotte

Trish left the WWE as arguably the greatest women's wrestler of all time and easily the best of her generation. She retired in 2006 after holding the WWE Women's title a record seven times. Trish used an assortment of moves that demonstrated her amazing flexibility. She wasn't the strongest, but she did beat stronger opponents like Jazz and was never afraid to mix it up with the guys.

It's one thing to be cocky, but it's another to use your family legacy as a way to gain popularity and heat. But when you are as good as Charlotte, you not only do it well, you do it with Flair (WOOOOO!). Charlotte started in NXT and was kicking ass and taking names. After leaving for Monday Night Raw, Charlotte continued her winning ways by becoming the inaugural (and two-time) Raw Women's Champion at WrestleMania 32.

Winner: Charlotte

Call me a creature of the moment, but I don't think Charlotte loses to Trish even in Trish's prime. Trish certainly has the skill, the will, and the veteran experience, but Charlotte has something Trish didn't have while she was champ. Charlotte is more than willing to bend and break the rules. Sure, Trish was never a super face and she was also a heel at times, but Charlotte's dad is the dirtiest player in the game. And she has proven over and over that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Shawn Michaels Vs. Kevin Owens

You will be hard-pressed to find a guy in history who was a better performer when the bright lights were on. Shawn Michaels earned his nickname "Mr. WrestleMania" by constantly keeping people on their feet regardless of who he fought. In fact, some of the greatest WrestleMania moments involve him. Even with his two losses to The Undertaker, HBK retained his moniker as one of the greats. High flying moves, show-boating, and of course, Sweet Chin Music.

32 years old and has been around the world and back, Kevin Owens came into NXT and wreaked havoc like he did everywhere else. But when he beat John Cena in his first match at WWE Elimination Chamber, he showed the people who didn't know who he was that they had been missing his greatness for years. Owens may look unconventional because of his size (and gut), but he is quick on his feet and extremely agile. And that's on top of his strength and ability to throw his weight around.

Winner: HBK

If Owens reads this, he's gonna kick the crap out of me. But, as a lot of WWE Superstars have found out, you are only one superkick away from a three count. Sure, Owens might dominate the match using all of his many skills at his disposal, but HBK is a vet who knows how to pick his spot and that one spot is all he'd need.

A.J. Lee Vs. Sasha Banks

To look at A.J. Lee and underestimate her because of her size would mean you'd lose before you even stepped in the ring. A.J is the longest combined reigning WWE Divas Champion at 406 days (Nikki Bella had the longest individual title reign at 301 days) and you don't hold the title that long by being a push over. A.J. flew around the ring using various knees, kicks, and her Black Widow submission to maintain her dominance in the Women's division for over a year.

Sasha Banks calls herself a Boss and performs in the ring like one as well. During her time in NXT, she had some of the greatest matches we have seen in a very long time. Because of her — along with Bayley, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch — the WWE finally had to take the women's division seriously. She helped legitimize the division by having classic match after classic match. If you need proof, go find any of her matches against Charlotte during her run in NXT. She can brawl, fly, and make you tap with her Bank Statement. She is close to the most complete female wrestler we have had in a long time.

Winner: Sasha Banks

A.J. Lee can cheat, she may be quicker, and she may have experience on her side, but Sasha wins with raw talent. There is no question that this match would be great and maybe even a classic. Unfortunately there is nothing that A.J. could do that is going to keep Sasha down for good.

Kurt Angle Vs. Rusev

Before Brock Lesnar was building Suplex City, Kurt Angle was suplexing his way through the WWE and winning title after title. Angle has made the best of them tap: RVD, The Rock, Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan, Kane, and so many more have all tapped faster than Superman on speed (a great Kurt Angle quote). If I had to pick the greatest wrestler of all time, I'd pick Kurt Angle. It's true, it's damn true. It almost seemed like there was nothing he couldn't counter or a style he couldn't overcome. But when you legitimately win an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck, there isn't much you can't do.

Like Kurt Angle, Rusev did an amazing job of running through competition like a wrecking-ball. Rusev was taking down everyone who got in his way. It didn't matter if you were Xavier Woods, Big Show, Mark Henry, or John Cena, Rusev was going to crush you. Rusev is another one of the big men who is light on his feet, fast, and can take to the air with a spinning heal kick or a drop kick. But his bread and butter is absolutely is amazing strength. There aren't many people in the WWE that can match him power for power.

Winner: Rusev (it's true)

Kurt Angle takes the American flag very seriously and I am sure would love nothing more than to make to make Rusev tap. And that is the problem. There is no way Angle lets go of the Angle Lock after Rusev taps. Rusev leaves victorious because Angle would much rather make Rusev suffer.

Who would you like to see come back and have one more fight and against who? Let me know in the comments below!


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