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Matt Juul

When the world goes up in the flames, there's only one woman to call: Gina Carano.

The mixed martial arts pioneer turned actress stars in a new post-apocalyptic thriller titled Scorched Earth, which released its first poster this week. Carano plays a bounty hunter named Gage, who's out for blood following the death of her sister.

According to the official synopsis, Carano's character lives in a world following an environmental disaster, which killed off most of the planet.

“The planet has suffered an environmental collapse; the air became dangerous to breathe, the water became toxic, and billions of people died. Generations later, mankind has finally re-established a rudimentary society, in an attempt to pick up the pieces that continue to blister in the sun. Gage (Gina Carano) is a bounty hunter and she has a chance at the bounty of a lifetime. She infiltrates a gang of outlaws in order to bring in their leader, and everything is going to plan until she meets a slave girl that reminds her of her dead sister. With her loyalty to only herself now tested, Gage learns that there might be more to life than just survival.”

In addition to the former star, Scorched Earth stars Ryan Robins, John Hannah, and Dean S. Jagger. Directed by Peter Howitt, the film is scheduled to be released later this year.


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