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Georges St-Pierre has announced he is a free agent. The former UFC champion has been released from his contract.

"I'm a free man," he said.

St-Pierre said he wanted to fight, and once UFC 206 was announced for Toronto, GSP entered the USADA testing pool with the intention of fighting then and there.

Referencing his negotiations with former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta, St-Pierre explained that he was near an agreement with Zuffa. But following the sale to WME-IMG, GSP was told that they needed to wait until the sale was complete before finalizing any bouts.

Once the new owners came into play, he was told the offer was taken off the table.

"We were close to an agreement," St-Pierre said today on the MMA Hour. "I was told everything was put on ice until the new owners took over."

"I feel a little like I was used," St-Pierre said. "I was getting ready."

He reiterated multiple times his readiness and eagerness to fight again.

St-Pierre was rumored to return to the Octagon at UFC 206, but UFC president Dana White assured fans that it isn't going to happen.

He says that although he does not dislike White, who he referred to as the "best in the world," GSP does think he is against him.

"For me it's not emotional," he said. "It's purely business."

The former welterweight champion also denied Jose Aldo's claim that he was holding out for a $10-million deal for his next bout.

"That's not true. We didn't ask for $10 million. We made a very, very reasonable offer."

St-Pierre said that not only is he and the UFC losing out on him fighting at UFC 206, but so are the fans.

He hesitated when asked if he'd fight for another promotion, but said, "we'll see, I don't know what could happen."

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