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Last evening's co-main event may have ended in controversy, but with both Gegard Mousasi and Chris Weidman immediately signalling a desire for a rematch ,it would appear that it will only be a matter of time before the two lock horns again.

Speaking backstage to afterwards, Mousasi explained what happened from his vantage point and how he never intended to land an illegal blow.

"No, I'm in the fight, I'm scrambling and I'm fighting and I'm going to hurt him," Mousasi said when asked if he ever thought the knees were illegal. "I don't know, maybe the first one wasn't [legal] and the second one was legal--I don't know."

After being told that both knees were in fact legal, Mousasi explained that he was simply playing within the rules of the game and taking advantage of the new unified ruleset.

"It was a matter of seconds--one finger lower--I'm fighting," Mousasi said, stumbling over his words. "I'm not thinking about if his hands are grounded or not. I'm being smart to take advantage of the rules and I'm fighting."

Mousasi then said that he wasn't expecting the bout was going to be stopped and that he believed the fight was level pegging with end of the second round approaching.

"I was getting my rest to continue fighting," Mousasi said. "I knew I was behind in the first round, [but] in the second round I hurt him so it was going even and I was trying to win the second round."

When asked when he would like the rematch to take place, Mousasi suggested a date in little under five months time in his own backyard.

"They [the UFC] are coming to Holland in September so if he wants he can fight me there in the Ahoy."


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