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Matt Juul

Hate it or love it, but hip-hop star The Game has some interesting thoughts on the never-ending saga that is Mayweather vs. McGregor.

Fight Hub TV recently caught up with the rapper to get his take on the possible Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor super fight, and The Game didn't hesitate to offer his two cents. Unlike the majority of the sports-loving world, though, the music maker isn't really into this boxing vs. UFC match-up.

"Floyd is retired, 49-0, pound-for-pound the best boxer that's ever lived. He can't be f--ked with," The Game told Fight Hub TV. "I don't even think that fight needs to happen. I don't think Floyd needs to un-retire to do that. It's not something that he needs to do."

The Game didn't diss the Irish UFC champ, though, as he praised McGregor, saying that he does a great job in the Octagon and should stay put in his sport.

However, if the fight does go down, the rapper seemed pretty pumped about making a certain celebrity match finally comes to fruition on the under card.

"Soulja [Boy] and Chris Brown, man," The Game said. "Kick it back off."


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