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Matt Juul

Since there seems to be no end to superhero flicks dominating the big screen, it’s only natural that fans are getting into debates over which of their favorite crime fighters would win in fictional, Super Smash Bros. style brawls.

We already know that the members of DC Comics’ Arrowverse have some pretty strong opinions, and that Robin Wright doesn’t have much faith in her Amazonian general taking on her other well-known, on-screen role. But what about Diana Prince’s chances against another big time hero?

With some help from Yahoo’s Katie Couric, actress Gal Gadot threw down the gauntlet against Thor star Chris Hemsworth, saying that she thinks her goddess of Themyscira could beat his god of thunder in a fight.

Surprisingly, Gadot didn't need to use her Lasso of Truth, as the Marvel movie actor agreed. Although they had a friendly Twitter exchange, Wonder Woman is still looking for a fight with another superheroic deity.

While we know fans would love to see this fight happen, don't expect Marvel and DC to settle their differences any time soon.


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