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Frankie Edgar recently expressed his interest and excitement at the possibility of facing new Featherweight Champion Max Holloway on this week’s edition of The MMA Hour.

While nothing has been confirmed, the chances of him getting a shot at the new champ seem good.

Before UFC 212, Holloway was ranked at number one and Edgar at number two. The win for Holloway obviously changes that, and when listening to Edgar’s reasoning as to why he should be the next one that gets a shot at the title, it is hard to argue against him or the rankings.

Any contenders for the title are ranked below Edgar and he has already beaten a few of them. Cub Swanson’s name came up in the interview and he mentioned that fact that not only has Holloway beaten Swanson already, but so did Edgar in 2014. Unless there is some heated rivalry or controversy in past fights in the UFC, rematches are not marketable for the promotion.

Edgar is not one that is likely to get into a public feud to sell a fight, his recent performances should be enough to support the argument for a title shot. But it might not hurt anyone else bidding for the shot.

Swanson is not wrong, but Edgar still is a former lightweight champion and he thinks Holloway would like to attempt a win over him. In an interview with FloCombat, Edgar pointed out that a fight against Holloway in Hawaii against could be a bigger fight because of a new territory with someone that has beaten another Hawaiian favorite in BJ Penn.

Facts are facts and with Holloway holding a win over Swanson, a fight with Edgar is a newer and more marketable fight. Matchmaking is not what it used to be in the UFC though so until it is made official, anything could happen.


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