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Slowly but surely, the stigma around marijuana is being weeded out. One in five Americans live in places they can toke up without worry and it's becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Fresh on the heels of Nevada voting to make recreational cannabis use legal for drinking-age adults, the state's athletic commission may remove it from their banned substance list.

One man who inhabits both of these worlds is MMA legend, Frank Shamrock. He's shifted from getting high off of fighting, to being super serious about getting stoned. On January 25th, he'll lead a debate on the magical and controversial plant on his new show, The Bake Out.

Shamrock and nutritionist Robert Ferguson will discuss marijuana use in an open format from many different angles. The former UFC, WEC and Strikeforce champion will also give his own, personal testimony on how cannabis changed his life for good. No word yet if his former opponent and fervent marijuana enthusiast would be involved. But uh, y'know... that'd be cool, er, whatever.

Frank Shamrock has been so adamant about getting the word out on marijuana, that he's taken it to the streets. Seriously, he's literally been taking it to the street and talking to people about weed advocacy.

The show will premiere Wednesday, January 25th at 7pm PST/10 pm EST only on

“I firmly believe that cannabis is a powerful, natural medicine that can help our society. Co-host Robert Ferguson is a fellow black-belt and has been a longtime friend, so while we may not agree on cannabis as medicine, we can promise to share all the facts so that the viewer can decide. I look forward to sharing my personal journey with the plant and how it has changed my life for the better." — Frank Shamrock via official press release.

Enjoy highlights of Shamrock's legendary career.


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