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Frank Mir is not a happy man right now.

Currently serving a two year suspension after being flagged by USADA last April, the former heavyweight champion has been campaigning for his release from the UFC for months now, claiming both his innocence in the matter and his desire to "pursue my careers in other avenues."

A longtime member of the UFC's ranks, Mir joined the growing list of fighters to voice their displeasure with the promotion (see: Iaquinta, Al) during an appearance on yesterday's MMA Hour, claiming that he "doesn't feel the same" about the company's new owners and taking USADA to task for their handling of his case.

Now, he's looking for ways to avoid both his USADA ban and the UFC entirely.

How? By fighting in the magical, rule-free fighter haven that is Japan, of course!

Catching up with TMZ Sports, Mir state his intentions to "keep looking for ways to fight" rather than continue being bogged down by the lengthy USADA arbitration process.

"I've always wanted to fight in Japan," said Mir. "That's always been a goal of mine."

Although he's currently locked into a contract with the UFC, there's little doubt that a promotion like Rizin would jump all over a fighter of Mir's caliber if given the chance. The 37-year-old will not be eligible to compete in the states until 2018, so perhaps his hope is that the UFC's new owners will pull something similar to what they did with Mirko Cro Cop and terminate his remaining contract and grant him the opportunity he so desires.

Should Mir get snatched up by Rizin, however, I think we can all agree who he should face first...


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