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Wow, Kid Kash apparently drank the haterade.

He does not like at all, and the 47-year-old former cruiserweight champion wants to fight him.

"How bad would I love to knock his ass out?" he told MMA Fighting. "I've never liked him. I've known the guy for at least 15 years, probably, and he's been such an arrogant asshole. He was handed so much sh*t. He never earned a f*cking thing."

Kash will attempt an fight this Saturday, the second of his career, against Lindsey Jones at Valor Fights 38 in Tennessee.

Kash might be hating on Punk because he accomplished everything in pro wrestling that Kash never did. Punk was the WWE champion for 424 days, and became one of the sport's most popular performers. At one point, Punk was one of the WWE's top merchandise sellers.

Kash wrestled for several wrestling companies, including the WWE, ECW, TNA and briefly WCW. A high flyer, Kash was a solid worker in the ring, but never rose to the top of any promotion he wrestled for. He has wrestled a multitude of stars that include AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Rhino during his career.

Kash had one MMA fight in 2008, but lost via decision. He said he is prepared and ready to win on Saturday.

Eventually, he wants to fight Punk, who was submitted by Mickey Gall in his UFC debut in September.

"I would love to fight that f*cker, I really would," he told MMA Fighting. [...] "He would be in for a very rude awakening."


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