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Former Power Rangers star, Jason David Frank really wanted Mickey Gall to get a knockout against CM Punk at UFC 203.

The ex-Green Ranger—who's heading back to action as Valiant Comics superhero, Bloodshot, in the upcoming Ninjak web series by Bat in the Sun—has been campaigning for years to face the professional wrestler turned mixed martial artist. While the actor and decorated fighter didn't get a chance to fight CM Punk inside the Octagon, he tried to give the former WWE star's eventual opponent extra incentive to beat him.

"I talked to Mickey right before the fight, offered him some knockout bonus money," Frank told "He didn't get the knockout, but he tapped him out, so I don't have to pay that."

Although the fan-favorite Ranger didn't have to lose any green over the match-up, he was impressed by Gall, saying that the up-and-comer is a "great fighter" who "destroyed him."

Despite being hesitant about commenting on CM Punk's performance immediately after the fight, Frank opened up about his feelings regarding the beat down. He thinks the wrestler made a mistake by having his MMA debut in the UFC.

"I watched it at my manager's house, and I was going to post my review, but I don't know man," Frank said. "I have mixed feelings. He gave a great speech and everyone's like, 'I give him credit,' but you don't need to go into the UFC to get credit. Go to any cage. Start from the beginning like I started."

"I hate people when they take shortcuts," he added.

The ex-Power Ranger has a few amateur and professional fights under his belt and believes his experience actually hindered him from booking a bout with CM Punk, which is a match-up he'd still like to make happen.

"I would love to face CM Punk," Frank said. "For me, it's always been an easy fight. I don't want to sound cocky, but I'm highly trained. I was told by the UFC guys that are out now because they were re-bought, [that] I'm too skilled. It makes no sense."

Frank says he frequently trains with UFC caliber fighters, including heavyweight Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis.

"He can tell you I throw down," Frank said. "All these guys I spar with are in the UFC."

Even though the 43-year-old actor and martial artist trains with world class partners, he understands that his path wasn't to become a full-time UFC fighter. For Frank, the prospects of facing CM Punk wasn't about money, instead, it was a way to unite two passionate fan bases for an epic event.

"I told them a long time ago I'd fight that guy for a dollar," Frank said. "I'd love to fight him because it brought two fandom bases together, WWE fandom base vs. the Power Rangers fandom base. It would've been one heck of a show."

While he may never get the chance to fight CM Punk, Frank revealed that he may not be done with a run in MMA just yet.

"Bellator's talking to me about stuff," Frank said. "They want me to fight this year then they're talking next year. Bellator gets my fan base. UFC doesn't, but they do."

For now, Frank is focusing on bringing his butt-kicking skills to the role of Bloodshot, and continuing his travels on the comic con circuit.

"All I have to say is, we'll see what happens with projects and all this other stuff and the comic cons," Frank said.

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