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If you thought this whole boxing vs. MMA thing had died out back in the late aughts, think again! Thanks to Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather's ever-impending match with destiny, it seems that more figures from the boxing world are suddenly looking to challenge their MMA counterparts to a long as it's in the squared circle and not the Octagon.

The latest boxer to hop on this trend, oddly enough, is former lineal light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal. In a recent interview with TMZ, the Hataian-Canadian boxer unleashed a verbal tirade aimed at Nick Diaz, of all people, in the hopes of booking himself a match against Stockton's greatest son.

"UFC fighters always say that they can fight, they can box, but I don’t see that,” said Pascal. “Nick Diaz talks a lot of trash. He’s never had someone who can talk back to him like I can do.”

Pascal is so confident, in fact, that he'd even be willing to fight Diaz in the Octagon – with one catch that pretty much eliminates the point of fighting in the Octagon.

"Yeah, but with boxing rules,” he explained. “Because they claim they’re fighters. They claim they can box. I don’t claim I can go on the floor, but anyway, to go on the ground with another man, it’s not my thing. I’d rather go on the ground with a woman. To go on the floor with a man, that’s not my thing, man, I’m sorry.”

Wow, a boxer using a roundabout, borderline homophobic insult to knock jiu jitsu? WHAT A SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS THIS IS.

Anyways, Pascal then went for the throat by daring to call out Diaz's manhood, brandishing him "a coward" and, oddly enough, a redneck.

“I’m pretty sure that I can whoop his ass because I’m a fighter. I’m not a UFC wrestler. I fight with my fists. I’m standing up, and we’ve got boxing rules. Boxing, it’s an art. I can tell Nick Diaz, ‘why don’t you come out of your redneck country and fight me in a real city like Montreal’. Cause that shit can be sold out.

He’s never had a belt that people care about. That’s what I’m talking about. And then he claims he can beat a boxer? Come on guys. Stop talking shit, and lets do it like real men. Simple and easy right? I’m pretty sure he’s going to stay quiet because he’s a coward, he’s not a real man. He’s not a real fighter, he’s not a real soldier.


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