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More details are emerging about the recent blockbuster sale of the UFC to WME/IMG.

In the 5-minute video below, Forbes Magazine explains what people might expect from the sale and how it might affect the fans going forward.

"It's the most ever paid for a sports property," said Michael Ozanian, executive editor of Forbes Magazine.

Forbes Magazine explained some of the financial details about the UFC sale.

The UFC is valued at $4 billion and made $600 million in revenue in 2015. The company has 345 employees and a working budget of $166 million.

WME/IMG is the group that purchased the company. Some of its clients include Cam Newton, Serena Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, the NFL, NHL and Wimbledon.

The group's biggest investor, Silverlake Partners, has made major investments in Skype and Dell. With technology as its strength, the investment firm sees streaming services as a major part of the UFC's expansion.

The UFC's contract with FOX ends in 2018 and ESPN could be among those bidding for the rights to broadcast their fights. Ozanian said after a $4 billion purchase, the new owners will want to figure out many ways to expands its audience.

Hear below what Ozanian said was the most interesting part of the deal:


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