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Granted, he may be a little bit biased, but he does make some good points.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. believes that his son, Jr., would tear up in a boxing match.

“Floyd gonna whoop somebody like him’s ass anyway," Mayweather Sr. said, in a recent interview. "Believe me. A jab would take care of his ass all day. All he’s going to be doing is trying to slide and get in. All Floyd’s going to do is [be] smooth."

McGregor has challenged Mayweather to boxing match, a move that many boxing fans believe is ill-advised. Mayweather retired from boxing in 2015 with an undefeated record of 49-0. McGregor is 21-3, with all of his losses coming by submission.

Although some MMA fans are pining for McGregor vs. Mayweather fight, such an event is highly unlikely.

While McGregor may be the UFC lightweight champion, a straight-up boxing match with Mayweather, a master defensive boxer, could be seen as massive mismatch. Mayweather figured out a way to defeat the best boxers in the world, so it's hard to imagine that a guy with no boxing experience could defeat him.

That said, McGregor has a wicked left hand, and he is 11 years younger than Mayweather. That doesn't matter to Mayweather Sr. though.

"Floyd’s (going to) tear him up, man. Even though Floyd is not a big puncher, Floyd can hit him with jabs and stuff all night, man, and cut him up. “I don’t think his fundamentals are bad. But you got to understand, his fundamentals ain’t up there with the man, either. They got levels.”

Mayweather Sr. had one final promise:

“My son’s gonna cut his beard for him,” he said.


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