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Kel Dansby

It's May 15 and Jr. is allegedly in meetings with UFC President Dana White, but this past weekend, Mayweather's mind was on the biggest finalized fight of the fall, Alvarez vs. Gennady "" Golovkin.

Mayweather has been in the ring with Canelo Alvarez, albeit Canelo was fairly young at the time, so he offers a unique perspective into the upcoming match-up.

Fans may be surprised to find out that Mayweather is picking Canelo to defeat GGG and continue to cement himself as the biggest name in boxing.

"With GGG and Canelo, I'm leaning to Canelo. The other day, I think they should have stopped that [Chavez Jr.] fight. That's just my opinion. That guy Chavez was off a year and he was basically a punching bag," Mayweather said.

Canelo looked sharp against the bigger Chavez Jr. in their fight. Unfortunately for him, GGG will be a completely different challenge. Not only is GGG accustomed to the size and strength of true middleweights, but he's proven to have the power to knock down even the biggest in the weight class. Chavez Jr. showed little signs of damage during his fight with Canelo, and never came close to touching the canvas.

Mayweather has one of the best eyes in boxing and has forgotten more about the technical aspects of the sport than most know, but this is one case where he may be wrong.


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