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Combat sports pundits can't stop talking about a possible "Money" match-up between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and , however, it sounds like the a different superstar is on the retired champion's mind.

Following 's devastating loss to Amanda Nunes in her comeback fight at , critics have been calling on the former women's bantamweight champion to either retire from or find a new coach. When it comes to the later option, Mayweather recently told TMZ Sports that he's definitely interesting in working with Rousey, as long as she's "willing" to train with him.

"I'd work with her if she's willing to work with me," Mayweather said. "I don't have anything against anyone. We're willing to work with her."

Although the fighters have spoken ill of each other in the media plenty of times over the years, Mayweather has soften his stance towards Rousey in the wake of her recent defeat. In an interview following Rousey's loss, the undefeated boxer offered the women's MMA pioneer some career advice and told her to "keep her head up."

"Ronda has a lot left. A lot left," Mayweather said. "I don't want her to think this is the end of the world. She'll be okay."

While we shouldn't expect to see Rousey at Mayweather's gym any time soon, the boxing star is already busy training a different, famous pupil: Soulja Boy. Mayweather is getting the rapper ready for a celebrity boxing match against Chris Brown, who will have Mike Tyson in his corner.

Aside from promoting the insane Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown fight, Mayweather has also been entertaining the notion of facing McGregor in the ring. If this fight is actually going to happen, though, UFC president Dana White is going to have to offer a lot more money to both parties.

Should Ronda Rousey take Floyd Mayweather Jr. up on his offer? Let us know in the comments below.


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