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Is it possible that Floyd Mayweather the promoter is a lot less guarded than Floyd Mayweather the boxer?

In a recent interview with, Mayweather shared how he came to amass his unprecedented wealth by capitalizing off the sport of boxing and not letting it capitalize off of him:

"I said you know what... I want to live like this 30 years from now, 40 years from now, hopefully, 50 years from now. I want to live like this for a very long time, said Mayweather. "So what I did? I surrounded myself with a smart team, so even though I reached the pinnacle I still can grow. Al Haymon is a very, very, shrewd business man. The best in the business hands down, I don't care who you go get.

Mayweather's team of Al Haymon, Leonard Ellerbe, and others have played a major role in the success of "Money." On the other hand, Mayweather still believes there are some in the boxing industry that are only out for themselves:

"You can talk about Don King, you can talk about Bob Arum, to me those guys are thieves," added Mayweather.

Those harsh words are just an honest glimpse of the negative feelings Mayweather has accumulated for traditional boxing promoters. It may explain why Mayweather found it easier to sign with an "advisor" such as Haymon and promote his own fights.

"Al Haymon is a straight up guy. In black and white in ink, it's decided and it is what it is with Al Haymon," stated Mayweather. "Soon as I signed on the dotted line with Al Haymon, everything this man said he would do, he did."

That's very high praise from Mayweather, but the fact remains that Haymon has failed to help another fighter achieve one-half of what Mayweather has accomplished.

Mayweather is the outlier in a sport of independent contractors. Not everyone can be their own boss, though many have tried, and not everyone can enjoy the luxuries Mayweather has been afforded.

Does that make Haymon a "thief" on some level? Does that mean Mayweather is a "thief" for not producing a superstar from his Mayweather Promotions team?

The answer is no. Mayweather has proven there's no need for promoters to have the most power in boxing. Yet, almost every boxer acts as though they can't survive in the sport without them.

Which begs the question, can you truly rob someone that is handing over their money?


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