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It's pretty easy to see why a potential vs. boxing match is receiving so much attention from both sides of the aisle. Aside from the once-in-a-lifetime nature of the potential bout itself, McGregor vs. Mayweather also serves as something of a win-win for both worlds, solidifying the legacy of an all-time boxing great (should Mayweather win, that is), and further establishing MMA's ever-increasing drawing power within the world of professional sports.

It will almost surely be a record-breaking event. And, if it's mixed martial arts vs. that the fans want, then it's MMA vs. boxing that the fans shall get.

But, what kind of fantasy matchups could be booked to support such a historic fight?

Here are a few ideas:

Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr.

This is an obvious pick for a lot of reasons, the least of which being that both and Roy Jones Jr. have been trying to make this fight happen since at least 2009.

In fact, it was Jones Jr. who pitched the idea of having the fight co-headline the McGregor-Mayweather card just last month, which Silva quickly agreed to, calling it "a dream fight."

While both fighters may be in the twilights of their respective careers, it's the similarities with which they both held dominion over their sports during their primes that makes this such an intriguing matchup to this day, and, dare it be said, a great fight for both guys to hang up their gloves on.

Jimi Manuwa vs. David Haye

A matchup between these British sluggers isn't one that many fans were even kicking around in their heads until about two weeks ago, when the "Poster Boy" followed up his starching of Corey Anderson at by calling out the former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion. Regardless, it's one that's been picking up a whole lot of steam in the days since, with Haye recently revealing that he had already begun discussions with the UFC in regards to putting the fight together.

"Obviously it is a little way off being confirmed," said Haye. "But it is a fight that would unify a lot of the fans from both UFC and boxing and make a mega event."

Sounds like solid enough logic to us.

Nick Diaz vs. Jean Pascal

Again, here's a fight that not a one of us would have been calling for until one of the parties expressed an interest in it, which Pascal did when he branded Diaz a "redneck" and "coward" just days ago.

Luckily for Pascal, Diaz has repeatedly stated his desire to crossover into the world of boxing before, and even asked boxing promoters to buy out his UFC contract while he was serving his most recent suspension. Unluckily for Pascal, calling a Diaz anything but "straight hood" is ground for a that he may never recover from.

Nate Diaz vs. Amir Khan

Chalk this one up to all the pieces being in the right place at the right time.

Anyone who's been following the whole McGregor-Mayweather saga knows that , the last man to defeat McGregor, has preemptively called out the winner of the fight to a "big money" boxing match. He's even received his boxing license in the state of California and been invited to join Mayweather's team, so why not book him against a guy like Amir Khan, who himself has been both teasing a move to the UFC and boasting about how easily he'd beat McGregor in a boxing match?

With anyone and everyone wanting a piece of McGregor, regardless of what arena the fight takes place in, a Diaz vs. Khan match would not only add two huge names to an already stacked card, but would cross off at least one name from McGregor's list for the time being, which is like a win-win-win-win. A quad win, if you will.

Cody Garbrandt vs. Vasyl Lomachenko

This one's more of a shot in the dark, but we do know that bantamweight champion has some of the deadliest hands in the UFC, and an amateur boxing background to boot.

Would a multiple-time world champion like Vasyl Lomachenko absolutely hand him his lunch in the squared circle? Sure, but proving which sport is "better" than the other is not really what these MMA vs. boxing matches are about – we had Couture vs. Toney for that.

No, these fights are about giving some of MMA's most recognizable faces a chance to make some waves in the boxing realm, and vice versa. And to that end, Garbrandt vs. Lomachenko would provide a perfect opportunity for two guys at the top of their game to put on a show.

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