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Warner Bros. has released the second trailer for next year's highly-anticipated solo movie, and the latest teaser is filled with plenty of awesome, superhero goodness.

After showing off some of her moves in the first trailer, Gal Gadot's Amazonian princess is back with more butt-kicking action, proving that she's one member you definitely shouldn't mess with.

Here are five of the most kickass moments from the latest Wonder Woman trailer.

1. Bracelets of Submission

Diana Prince's iconic gauntlets look spectacular in the new trailer as she easily deflects flying bullets from her foes. The Bracelets of Submission are one of many formidable weapons in her arsenal.

2. Whipping Her Enemies into Shape

Fans got a taste of what Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth can do in the last trailer. While the new teaser only adds a brief glimpse of the whip, seeing her bring down a building with the weapon is pretty spectacular.

3. Head Kick FTW

The DC Comics superhero has some solid hand-to-hand combat skills as well. Check out her insane spinning-headkick against Danny Huston's villainous character.

4. Attack of the Amazons

Wonder Woman isn't the only Amazon who's kicking butt in the trailer. Robin Wright's General Antiope and the rest of the army of warriors look pretty formidable in battle.

5. Fashion Fight

Since Warner Bros. is trying to lighten the mood of DCEU, of course the trailer had to end with a quick comedy bit. The scene, where Diana tries out the battle-worthiness of a new dress, is actually quite funny and shows that Wonder Woman is always down for a good fight.

What's your favorite moment from the new Wonder Woman trailer? Let us know in the comments below.


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