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A promo for that doesn't focus on has been released. You know, something that focuses on the champion instead of the challenger.

In case you haven't heard, is the UFC women’s bantamweight champion. But she surely hasn’t been treated like one as she has been all but absent in the promotion leading up to her main event fight at UFC 207. That’s in large part because her first title defense will be against arguably the most popular MMA fighter in the world: Ronda Rousey.

It will be Rousey’s first fight since being infamously knocked out by Holly Holm last November. But you already knew that because you have been inundated with all things Rousey since the fight with Nunes was announced back in September. It makes sense that so much attention would go the way of the Rowdy one considering that she carried women’s MMA on her back for the past half-decade. However, you have to question whether the UFC is making a huge mistake by not devoting some time to Nunes in the marketing of this fight.

The latest promo was an epic, sprawling 3-minute piece that follows Ronda through her home as she prepares for her return to the Octagon.

It’s one of the most dramatic promos the UFC has ever put together. But, damn, shouldn’t there be a mention of Nunes? Hell, the event is billed as “UFC 207: Ronda Rousey Returns.”

If you’re a casual MMA fan who only watches when Ronda Rousey or Conor McGregor fight, you’d think that Rousey is being fed a tomato can for an opponent. But that’s the furthest thing from the truth considering that Nunes knocked out the woman who choked out the woman who knocked out Ronda Rousey. MMA math be damned, but it should mean something that Nunes is the champion and considered a pretty significant underdog and playing 2nd fiddle to Rousey.

There’s so much more the UFC could be doing with Nunes and it would serve them right to promote their champion in the event that she comes out on top against Rousey on December 30.

It’s not like Nunes doesn’t have a narrative to follow. She’s not only the first Brazilian women’s MMA champion, but she’s the first openly gay champion. There’s certainly an angle there that the UFC could use to promote the fight. But, for whatever reason, they have decided against it. As the champion, Nunes deserves better. If she dispatches of Rousey at UFC 207, she should most definitely hold the promotions feet to the fire for overlooking her.

But, for now, you can watch this four minute promo that gives you a brief look into the rise of Amanda Nunes, her girlfriend Nina Ansaroff and life outside of the Octagon.


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