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Now that the Smackdown Live PPV has wrapped, what's next for everyone on the roster? We introduce the fantasy booking column where we take a look at what's likely to happen while we also be honest with ourselves and offer what will probably happen to every superstar on the Smackdown Live roster.

Fantasy: The Undertaker

Reality: Dean Ambrose (Again)

Smackdown Live has a problem on its hands. AJ Styles is easily the best talent in the WWE. However, there aren't any qualified babyfaces for him to square off against moving forward. With Royal Rumble around the corner, chances are that another match with Dean Ambrose is in order along with a strange James Ellsworth stipulation. Ideally, a feud with a returning Undertaker would be perfect in order to set in motion a potential WrestleMania match between Taker and John Cena.

Fantasy: The Miz

Reality: AJ Styles & James Ellsworth

With Ambrose as the only babyface on the roster with momentum, a return bout with AJ Styles is the likely scenario. Expect him to take out his frustration on James Ellsworth as the WWE milks every penny out of the jobber. Ideally, a fresh feud with The Miz would make sense to give Ambrose something else to do.

Fantasy: Daniel Bryan

Reality: Kalisto

Now that this long running feud appears to finally be blown off, it would be great if all of this Daniel Bryan needling was actually heading somewhere. Obviously, a match with Bryan at WrestleMania would be the best case scenario, but there's a lot that has to happen to ever get Bryan cleared to wrestle again. So that leaves Smackdown in a tough spot to find someone for The Miz to feud with. The Wyatt Family would make sense if they were babyfaces. But they're not. So you're kind of stuck with a feud with someone who hasn't had a chance at the IC title yet. The options are thin but we're going to go with Kalisto simply by means of elimination. No rhyme or reason to it whatsoever.

Fantasy: Heel Turn

Reality: The Wyatt Family

Dolph Ziggler has tried everything but hasn't been able to build any momentum despite being one of the better performers on the roster. It's time for a character makeover and a heel turn is in order. But with the lack of babyfaces, that's not likely. Instead, we'll probably see Ziggler involved in a feud with The Wyatt Family.

Fantasy: Becky Lynch

Reality: Becky Lynch

This feud still has some legs and will not this soon. Expect these two to continue beefing for the next month until the WWE feels the need to push Nikki Bella back into the title picture. Yes, that's probably going to happen. Deal with it.

Fantasy: Alexa Bliss

Reality: Alexa Bliss

**See Alexa Bliss**

Fantasy: American Alpha

Reality: American Alpha & Dolph Ziggler

Bray Wyatt finally got his hands on WWE gold and shouldn't let go anytime soon. The tag team division is so ridiculously thin that there aren't too many ways for The Wyatt's to turn as the champs. What we'll likely see is some combination of American Alpha and Dolph Ziggler as the next logical feud.

Fantasy: Job Forever

Reality: The Usos

This gimmick always had an expiration date so it wasn't shocking to see Beauty & The Man-Beast railroaded by The Wyatt Family. Now that it's over, there's really nowhere for them to go. They'll be best served as a stepping stool for the newly retooled Uso brothers and then will job until they can't job any longer.

Fantasy: Naomi

Reality: Naomi

Her feud with Nikki Bella seemed like it was going somewhere but with this mystery of who attacked Nikki at Survivor Series taking front stage, Carmella will need to put a babyface over. Naomi is one of the most talented women on the roster and could use a boost to see if she's ready for a shot at the Smackdown Women's Title in the near future.

Fantasy: Turn Heel

Reality: Natalya

Nikki Bella as a babyface is nothing more than an extension of Total Bellas. But the WWE seems bent on keeping her as a prominent face who will eventually get her hands on the women's title again. Unfortunately, that will come at the expense of a more deserving talent. It's likely that Natalya will be her next feud but she was just better as a heel.

Fantasy: The Wyatt Family

Reality: Kane

It would be fun to see Corbin get involved in a heel vs. heel feud with The Wyatt Family, but that's not likely. Instead, we'll probably see Corbin end up taking out the old guard in Kane as the WWE tries to build him into a main eventer sometime in 2017.

Fantasy: 205 Live

Reality: The Miz

It will never, ever, ever make sense why Kalisto and Neville are not involved in the cruiserweight division and helping make 205 Live relevant. They aren't doing anythign else, otherwise. But the WWE will likely install him into a feud with The Miz just to keep the IC champion busy. It's unfortunate because we'd like to see Kalisto show off his talent as a cruiserweight rather than job out to the entire Smackdown Live roster.


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