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Josh Molina

Another former pro wrestler tried his hand at mixed martial arts and failed.

David "Kid Kash" Cash took on Lindsey Jones over the weekend at Valor Fights 38 and met his demise in less than a minute. Kash had made the news cycle when the former WWE Cruiserweight champion called out CM Punk for losing in just over two minutes against Mickey Gall at UFC 201.

Unfortunately for Kash, he didn't last nearly as long. And at least CM Punk was smart enough to finagle $500,000 out of the UFC for his MMA fight.

Kash was TKO'd in 39 seconds by Jones. In Kash's defense, one could argue that the fight was stopped earlier; Kash probably could have handled a few more punches before the referee stopped the fight.

Jones, who trains with America's Top Team, made his MMA debut against Kash, who had an 0-1 record going into the fight. Kash, 47, last fought in 2008.

Jones didn't really show a lot of finesse during the fight. He simply overpowered Kash with a barrage of punches and Kash couldn't defend. And the mere thought of a fight with CM Punk went up in smoke.

Punk vs. Kash would probably be a good fight, but we'll give Punk the edge in this one. Kash was clearly leaving himself open for some Muay Thai kicks, some of Punk's specialty moves.

Kash achieved mid-card status in the 1990s as a high-flying wrestler, but his best days inside the ring and the cage are clearly either behind him or non-existent.

Come on, pro wrestlers, can't you just be happy with the squared circle? It's good enough for your fans, so it should be good enough for you.. Start the movement.


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