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If you can believe it, Frodo and nearly threw down inside a boxing ring.

star, Elijah Wood revealed during a recent chat with late-night host, Conan O'Brien, that he and Daniel Radcliffe almost duked it out for a boxing-infused film festival earlier this year. The match-up was an intriguing proposition for Wood, as he often gets mistaken for the Harry Potter actor.

“I go to this film festival every year called Fantastic Fest, and they do this thing called the Fantastic Debates, which is effectively two people in a boxing ring, as it turns out, debating a topic,” Wood told O'Brien. “Each person debates the topic, and then they have a rebuttal, and then they actually box. So, proper debate, then it’s fisticuffs.”

Although organizers did their best to schedule the bout, Wood ultimately decided that was a bad idea to fight Radcliffe just because they share similar facial features.

“I ultimately squashed it,” Wood said. “I was like, I don’t want to fight this guy. I don’t want the culmination of the fact that we look alike or somehow get mistaken for each other to end up in a boxing ring. It didn't end up happening, much to the disappointment of a lot of people.”

While they won't be punching each other in the face any time soon, the pair of stars do look eerily alike, so much so that a gif of the actors' faces morphing into each other has amassed nearly 14 million views online.

Wood may not be interested in the fight, but that didn't stop the comedian and newly-minted UFC investor from channeling his inner Dana White by pitching Wood on a possible pay-per-view match-up against Radcliffe. The caveat, though, is both stars would have to dress up like their iconic characters.

"People would tune in," O'Brien said. "People would go crazy [and] you'd get paid."

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Who wins a fight between Frodo and Harry Potter?


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