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Edson Barboza is one of the most feared fighters in the lightweight division, so how come no one is really talking about him?

The Brazilian is currently ranked #5 in the stacked division and enjoying a two-fight win streak with victories over former champ and this year. In a sport that is becoming more geared towards media obligations, with fighters calling out one another in post-fight interviews and across social media, Barboza prefers to remain silent and let his fighting do the talking.

Although many see his dislike for the trash talking aspect of the UFC as the main reason for his exclusion in the majority of conversations around the lightweight division, speaking to MMAJunkie, Barboza had other theories as to way his name is sometimes omitted.

I see all these guys talking about each other, this and that, but not one of them mentions Edson Barboza. I guess maybe they think that if they just don’t talk about me, me and my leg kicks will go away.

Barboza’s leg kicks are, without a doubt, some of the most devastating strikes we’ve seen in side the Octagon. In his most recent fight, Barboza rained brutal leg kick upon brutal leg kick down upon Gilbert Melendez, dropping him in the second round.

Maybe I should stop kicking guys’ legs black and blue. I know my kicks are evil, but I am a good guy. Maybe I’ll just have to agree to go easy on guys?

Dipping his dangerous toe in the smack talk arena, Barboza did take the opportunity to call out , and Michael Chiesa. With Conor McGregor the newly crowned champion, the lightweight division is due some changes in their rankings. The future looks bright for Barboza and his opportunities vast.


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