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Amy Kaplan

Eddie Bravo, the mastermind behind the 10th Planet no-gi BJJ system and the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI), has struck gold again with his newest creation; combat jiu-jitsu, which debuted Sunday night in Los Angles, CA.

"It turned out better than I thought it would," Bravo told Champions.

EBI 11 showcased a four-man bracket which would determine the first combat BJJ bantamweight champion. The premise of combat jiu-jitsu is the same as the "submission only" format of the traditional EBI shows, but allows a fighter to apply open handed strikes to the face and body of their opponent, as long as one of them is on the ground.

And he's right, as the crowd was wild with excitement after retired MMA fighter, Chad George, dealt the first crushing blows to his opponent.

The sold out venue was on their feet cheering loudly for more strikes and were happily rewarded with more loud slaps reminiscent of shins clacking in a Muay Thai bout. With just under a minute left in the 10 minute round, George was able to submit his opponent with a d'arce choke to become the first man to ever win a combat jiu-jitsu match.

Unfortunately, due to a popped rib suffered in the first round of the tournament, George was unable to defend a twister and was defeated by Nick Honstein who then became the first combat jiu-jitsu bantamweight champion.

The future is unclear for combat jiu-jitsu, but after last night it's clear that the BJJ world is ready for something new.


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