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The Eddie Bravo Invitational is easily one of the premier no gi jiu-jitsu tournaments on the market today. It has established itself at the forefront of submission-only grappling and hosts only the top athletes in the sport.

This week, owner and creator, Eddie Bravo announced that he will be introducing a new rule starting in 2017, which looks to make the event even more exciting.

"We’re going to be EBI Combat Jiu-Jitsu," offered Bravo during an interview with Radio. "Imagine EBI just the way it is; a 16-man jiu-jitsu tournament, same stage, everything looking the same, same 10-minute rounds with the overtimes – except when the competitors are on the ground, open palm strikes, old Pancrase style to open up the submissions, to increase the submissions even more. No punches, no MMA gloves, no elbows, no kicks. We’re going to have that in 2017."

Traditionally, striking, of any kind, is not allowed in BJJ tournaments, but Bravo has always been a forward thinker and looks to start another new trend.

He hopes that this rule will encourage MMA fighters to transition to the EBI format and for jiu-jitsu competitors to transition into MMA.

It looks like, at the very least, one MMA fighter is interested.

Bravo said that adding the additional element is an attempt to increase submissions, which is the goal when competing at EBI.

"EBI is a submission-only jiu-jitsu tournament, featuring 16 competitors with the winner taking home a possible $20,000," according to the official EBI website. "Every EBI tells the story of one man who fights his way to the top of the bracket, defeating four others in a contest of deadly techniques, strength, and will. No points. No advantages. Submission only."

Overtime rules can be seen here.

Bravo is best known for developing the sometimes controversial, 10th Planet system and has built that into a wildly successful brand, recognized around the world, despite the BJJ community's lack of support in the beginning.

The next event will take place Sunday, November 6, and will host the light heavyweights to crown a new EBI light heavyweight champion. This event, and past tournaments, can be seen on UFC Fight Pass.


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