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We’ve had a wild ride this past week with UFC 205, have we not? The mania surrounding that card was pretty amazing, and the East Coast fans were so welcoming. I mean, where else can you go to the restroom and receive a standing ovation?

Now that the event is over, we’ve got another to look forward to this weekend. As a matter of fact, we’ve got two UFC cards this weekend, with both falling on the same day, but I’m only going to look at one guy from the group—Gegard Mousasi.

As far as fighting goes, Gegard is great; he’s a terrific fighter. He’s got a very, very good skillset—he’s dangerous on the feet and dangerous on the floor. He’s a legitimate threat with a ton of experience and a cool demeanor when he fights, which is what you need.

That cool demeanor is something I’ve only recently discovered within myself, and at nearly 40 years old, I’ve finally found my way to staying calm and collected in my fights. That composure is something I’ve always admired in him, though. Now, he’s trying to make a bit of noise, and this is absolutely what you need to do.

Per Haljestam/USA TODAY Sports
Per Haljestam/USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a guy who’s been pretty quiet up until recently. His ascension up the ranks hasn’t had as much fanfare around it as it should, especially with a fighter who’s putting on exciting performances. Lately, he’s become a little more vocal, calling out the drug cheats and giving a piece of his mind wherever he can.

I can’t deny that I like the new leaf he’s turned over. In this current MMA climate, you can’t be as quiet as a church mouse and expect people to sit up and take notice beyond the five minutes following your last fight. These days, you’ve got to put yourself out there.

You can’t just stand in there saying, ‘Oh, I’ll fight anyone they put in front of me…’ this and that. You’ve got to make noise. You’ve got to let people know who you are. Good for him. He’s finally figured out how to make the most of his opportunities in the sport.

He’s making a little noise and getting some headlines now. Hell, I think he’s even called me out in a few of them. He’s doing the right thing in my opinion. I hope he keeps at it, too.

He’s probably going to go out there and destroy Uriah Hall this weekend, which is what he needs, because that unfortunate loss is still recent enough in everyone’s minds to give pause. He’s done well since, but we can’t forget that Jacare guillotined him or that Uriah Hall knocked him out.

Even though he’s had a couple of good wins lately, he does need to slow his role a bit until he can get Uriah taken care of. You can’t go around calling out the top guys until you get a little redemption for a loss that quite frankly, shouldn’t even be on your record.


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