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Well, it's official: MMA has caught double knockout fever.

Once considered to be the pink elephant of the sport, the double knockout/knockdown has been catching fire ever since last month's Shamrock FC event, wherein Alan Vasquez was declared the winner by virtue of being the first fighter to get to his feet after both he and his opponent pasted each other with right hooks.

Possibly in an attempt to one-up Vasquez, bantamweights Maikel Perez and Adam Martinez followed up their own double knockdown with a freaking Samoan drop at LFA 10 over the weekend, and if you thought that would be the only occurence of this phenomenon to happen in the past 72 hours then you clearly did not read the headline of this article.

At Israel's Desert Combat Challenge 9 on Sunday, the MMA world was treated to yet another double knockdown. Check it out.

While both fighters in this bout were able to recover from their simultaneous blows and fight on, part of you almost wishes that Shonie Carter had been refereeing this thing just to see his mind explode.


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