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Dominick Cruz is currently ranked as the number two, pound-for-pound fighter in the official UFC rankings. And while Cruz currently rules the UFC bantamweight division, the two-time champion is open to fighting outside the weight class, especially if given the opportunity to face featherweight champ Conor McGregor.

"It seems like the only way to beat [Conor] McGregor is with your mind. I know I can do that," said Cruz in response to a fan question. It should be no surprise, as Cruz spoke to directly this past August about potential fights in higher weight divisions against McGregor or Jose Aldo.

"I know I can also technically beat [Conor McGregor] and I know at 145lbs I'm extremely fast and hard to deal with," Cruz said. "I can beat McGregor, absolutely, and I would love to fight him at 145 lbs or 155, if he wins the title."

Now known for being a razor-sharp analyst, Cruz gives his own evidence on why he is tailor-made for superfights.

"I'm the champion, and my style is built for moving up in in weight class because I don't take damage."

Watch the full clip of Cruz talking about it below.

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