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Yep, Chuck Norris had his own promotion, and it was actually a very unique concept.

The World Combat League (WCL) was kickboxing...kind of, and it was home to some pretty interesting rules.

For example, the rounds were only three minutes, and they only went two rounds. There was also a sizable break between rounds that they called "half time," about 20 minutes to be exact. Judges were to reward fighters who went "full throttle," and penalize fighters who stalled or fought passively.

According to the WCL website the fights would be held in the following format:

Both teams will enter the ring and stand with each team member facing their opponent. The referee will administer the pre-fight instructions and execute the "coin toss". The coach of the team who wins the coin toss is allowed to select which fighter will start the contest. If for example, the coach chooses his middleweight, then he and the opposing team's middleweight will stay in the ring while the remaining fighters retire to the "fighter's pen" (a warm-up area close to the ring).At the end of each fight the judge's scores will be announced and added to the total points awarded from the previous fights. Referee awarded penalty points are added to the cumulative score when they occur. When each of the team's athletes have completed their first-half fights, the event breaks for "half-time".During half-time the coaches will advise their team members on a strategy for improving their performance in the second-half. When the action resumes, each original match-up (that did not result in a KO or TKO) is again contested to conclude the second half. The team that has the most cumulative points when the final fight is concluded is crowned the winner.

It was madness, and chaos and totally fun.

In fact, quite a few UFC fighters entered the cage for Chuck Norris, and thanks to Reddit, we were able to track down some of their fights.

Watch them below:

Uriah Hall vs Brandon Banda

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson vs Tim Williams

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson vs James Decore

Felice Herrig vs Ginny Baker

Pat Barry vs Chris Hawk

Anthony "The Assassin" Njokuani vs Aaron Flournoy

Anthony "The Assassin" Njokuani vs Bryan Corley

Do you remember any of these fights? Would love to hear your memories from these unique events in the comments below!


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