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Amy Kaplan

Dillon Danis took a big loss last night at Submission Underground 4, and his haters are having a field day rubbing it in. Danis, who is best known for being UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor's primary training partner, took to Instagram to congratulate his opponent, , who beat him in triple overtime by just :08 seconds.

Fans took to Twitter to revel in his loss, despite the fact that Shields never submit and only won by a very narrow margin.

"I show up to any rule set- Gi or No Gi I will take my losses like a man," Danis wrote. "Jake survived a 10 min onslaught of my submissions to beat me in the overtime round by eight seconds, fair play to him he is a legend. I still believe in myself 100 percent, and this will not define me. You will all swallow your words. Keep basking in another man's struggles I'll remember everything."

Tweets like the ones below seem to have reached Danis, who seems more upset by the fan reactions than to the loss itself.

Danis has been criticized for his cockiness in the past, and many are upset that he will be making his MMA debut for Bellator, despite having no MMA fights previous. He is often compared to , but in the most complimentary of way.

Perhaps Danis will have more success inside the cage then he did at SUG 4.


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