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Kel Dansby

is fresh off of his record-tying 10th UFC title defense, a victory over at UFC on Fox 24, and he is well aware of where he stands in the pantheon of great MMA fighters. Now "Mighty Mouse" just wants to be paid what he's worth.

When asked whether he expects to pass the $1 million mark for his next fight Johnson had an honest response.

It's clear that the UFC has made it a point to take care of their veterans during recent contract negotiations, and received north of $500k for their last fight, so it'd make sense to have Johnson north of the $1 million mark.

When further explaining it, Johnson pointed out that he's the prototypical "company guy" and that he's been the epitome of a champion.

"I'm straight up and honest dude. I'm a great company guy. I don't bash my company, I don't bash my opponents," said Johnson. "I never miss weight, never done any drugs. I'm not at home beating my wife, crashing my car, doing cocaine; all that stuff. I'm not asking for a lot."

It's hard to read that last quote and not think of a fighter Johnson is in direct competition with for title of #1 P4P fighter and G.O.A.T. status, Jon Jones.

It's easy to look at and say that he's the best fighter to ever step foot in the Octagon, but Johnson shrewdly points out that there's more to being the best champion ever than just beating opponents.

Purposeful or not, Mighty Mouse put a spotlight on the currently suspended Jon Jones by highlighting the many missteps of his career during his example of a non-company guy.


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